MEGAUPLOAD – Kim Dotcom proves judge wrong in court

Court date: 3 February 2012

The volume in this video has been increased to 200% so unlike other videos, headphones are not required to hear Dotcom speaking.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Rap mogul Suge Knight collapsed in a courtroom Friday shortly after a judge set his bail at million in his pending murder case. He’s accused of mowing down two men with his truck on Jan. 29, and killing local businessman Terry Carter. Knight’s lawyer Matthew Fletcher describes the scene. Prosecutors claimed in their bail motion that Knight is a “prolific and unrepentant” criminal who’s been extorting money from up-and-coming rappers. The bail motion filed by the Los Angeles County District Attorney on Thursday accused Knight of being part of an extortion ring that targeted aspiring rappers and pulled in more than million in recent years.

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “MEGAUPLOAD – Kim Dotcom proves judge wrong in court

  1. I LOVE Kim Dotcom! Great guy. Fuck the bullies from the RIAA, NSA, CIA, FBI
    basically any American organisation. They do NOT rule the world!

  2. Kim Dotcom is a boss! He beat the crap out of the USA totalitarians, and
    took us all one step closer to a free internet! Anyone who wants to help a
    similar victory should check this out!:
    Get involved in the efforts of bringing JURY
    NULLIFICATION mainstream.
    If you’re in the NYC area or know someone who is during
    December up to January 5th
    donate your time to juror rights outreach.
    Outreach to take place at the Daniel Patrick Moynihan
    US Court House in NYC.

  3. Did you completely worthless ADD-ridden fucking RETARDS not learn your
    lesson back in 2001 with Napster? STOP relying on centralized sources to
    get your shit because they can be busted ANY FUCKING TIME. Decentralized
    networks like Kazaa and Limewire were impossible to shut down and were the
    true hallmark of filesharing freedom. Then you dipshits walked right into
    the NSA’s trap of centralizing the internet all over again where people
    like this idiot fat fuck Kim got rich from the ad revenue your visits to
    his personal dollhouse Megaupload gave while he collected your IP logs and
    tracked every fucking thing you downloaded from his site which of course
    the feds would get their hands on after inevitably seizing his fucking
    Bullshit like BitTorrent and all these centralized services were all
    creations of these same corporate scumbags you bitch about because they
    know idiots with low attention spans like yourselves will walk into any
    fucking trap they set for you.
    Now you idolize one of their disposable agents for violating your rights.
    Wow, just fucking WOW.

  4. why am i under the impression that the judge is a neutral part? I always
    thought it was the district attorneys job to prosecute, not the judge, so
    why do you argue against the judge? law students, professors if they watch
    this stuff. none of that illuminati conspiracy theory stuff. 

  5. At 01:05 his lawyer Paul Davison is asking Kim Dotcom about the Habeas
    Corpus application filed at the Auckland High Court on his behalf. I am the
    author of this application… 

  6. Is the rest of this video somewhere else on youtube? I would really to see
    what happens after he proves her wrong.

  7. The UK,Canada,Australia,and New Zealand all participate in the same spy
    operations, so while everyone loves to bash America, why don’t you look at
    your own country’s policies before your seething American rhetoric comes
    blurting out. 

  8. Check out Citizenfour documentary guys. Apparently the NSA and FBI monitor
    all internet activity, and archive it, so that if something does come up
    they can search all history to see what else that person has done/said on
    the internet. Youtube comments would be pretty revealing about what people
    really think ;)

  9. I wish all the numbskulls in New Zealand talking about voting for Kim
    Dotcom, would just actually fucking vote instead of talking about it.
    Less than half the population votes, so just remember that all those guys
    overseas that can’t be fucked getting enrolled or for whatever reason just
    aren’t voting, they could all be the one making the decision that gives the
    power politically, instead of compaining about the power that makes a
    decision whether you like it or not, not voting because “my vote doesnt
    even really count anyway”.

  10. I once played texas hold’em against Kim Dotcom. He has a lot of money, but
    he is lousy pokerplayer. He also has a lot of files, but who hasn’t. 

  11. i haven’t bothered to spend enough time to form a fair judgment on the man
    but he seems great

  12. when people used the service megaupload they then agreed to a terms of
    service inside said terms of service you was asked to not upload anything
    non legal to megaupload ,
    yet kim is in trouble , I don’t get it .

  13. Man i always felt it was something strange that MegaUpload just disappeared
    like that, i feel like I’m learning this too late but damn this guy is like
    my hero. I hate how the media made everyone believe that he was a bad guy.
    He’s an inspiration, I learned a lot about internet rights from his
    interviews. I wonder what he’s doing now

  14. Its pretty well known now that he’s being railroaded out for American
    interests. I mean, when else do they change the law so that previous
    illegal activities are retroactively legal. After the supreme court
    decision it means they can now spy on any citizen whenever they want and
    aren’t held accountable for their previous actions. I wouldn’t be surprised
    if the nats next law is that Key is god or some shit.

  15. They can´t read a date properly and yet this guy´s destiny depends upon
    their judgement…

  16. lol, he proves how evil government and international (US) mafia try to
    invade business without properly organizing evidence. 

  17. Kudos to Kim DotCom. Calmly and eloquently he showed how selective and lax
    the prosecution were in their preparation.

  18. maybe it’s just me, but that judge sounds really hot and dumb like she is
    not even a real judge… This guy sounds like one of the characters from
    aqua teen hunger force.. the only character with that accent.. i swear it’s

  19. This poor, poor murderer. It’s soooo sad that they put this cold blooded
    murderer in solitary. And soooo sad that this murderer can’t get out of
    prison on bail.

    Hilton so what did he expect?? They don’t care about his well-being and
    just the thought of his hand in Tupac’s and Biggie’s murders…did he think
    he was going to get the ‘red carpet’ treatment?? Guilt made him
    collapse…nuff said.

  21. *What had happened was* when he heard the bail amount, Tupac’s posthumous
    discography flashed before his eyes and his tiny brain couldn’t take the

  22. Oh cmon people, this isnt cuz he’s black.its a thing called karma.wear was
    his glasses b4 all this? Suge knight is goin through this cuz of his
    actions.oh n we all no he took advantage of pac, snoop, n dr.dre.also so
    many young rappers.Terry is dead.Bones is lucky to b alive.Suge times up
    the fainting n all that bs plz.u only care about u.U FINALLY WHERE U

  23. what’s poppin blood?.. hahahah stupid ass nigger.. he actually thinks
    wearing glasses makes him look like a human being…. he’s nothing more
    than a low life drug dealer/abuser.. this shit was funny ass hell ..hahaha
    this niga is done

  24. wow we are so quick to say crucify him but what if the shoe was on the
    other foot. Why not pray for him and let God judge him not you. So many
    people want this man dead but I bet all you bought 2 pac, Snoop Dogg, Dr
    Dre chronic, Dog Pound records….what a world we live in. 

  25. What about the rich kid who drove over those people outside of Dallas, Tx?
    I think it was like 8 or 9 people. All he got was Rehab. Oh I forgot he was
    rich and his name wasn’t Suge Knight. Sad when your rep makes you Guilty
    before proven innocent off the top.

  26. “Kill all rednecks”? Thzts real fucked up.i dont like. Rednecks but i dont
    wish death n wow suge killed n attempted to kill 2people of his own
    color.always gonna b those racist people who wanna make it about race wen
    it isnt.not in this case

  27. Fuck Suge Knight. He should have been serving life without parole a long
    time ago. They’ve got his ass this time, and he knows it. That judge is no
    dummy, and he made the right call. 

  28. If there’s so much footage prior and after, why is there no footage of the
    actual fall?

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