Legal Help Desk Episode 91: Corporation

It has always been the dream of many Filipinos to own and run their businesses. Many think that owning a business is easy as applying for a license and permit however, there are several steps before one can finally do so. Additionally, there is a difference from setting up a business and setting up a corporation. In this episode of Legal Help Desk, Attorney Karen Jimeno and Rod Nepomuceno with a corporate lawyer and a representative from the Department of Trade and Industry will teach viewers how to set up their own corporation. How is it different from setting up an ordinary business? What are the advantages of setting up a corporation? What are the steps in establishing a corporation?
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On this episode of Legal Help Desk, Attorney Karen Jimeno and Attorney Rod Nepomuceno will discuss your legal rights on the subjects of adultery and concubinage and how to file for either against the offending spouse and partner.
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  1. This is great, very interesting topic, thank you for the upload. Hope to
    see more discussion of your CORPORATION episode. 

  2. Correction dun sa sinasabi na di applicable sa babae yung “in flagrante
    delicto” or caught in the act ng babae ang lalake which is under Art. 247.
    The Article is applicable ho to either male of female as the element
    involves “ANY LEGALLY MARRIED PERSON”. You may refer to this case for
    jurisprudence “People v CORAZON DE CORTEZ G.R. No. 39461″

  3. ano ang pwede kong isampang kaso sa asawa ko, my kinakasama n sya ngayon at
    my anak n cla..,

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