Judge Marilyn Milian loses her cool on People’s Court

Judge Marilyn Milian loses her cool on People’s Court
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50 thoughts on “Judge Marilyn Milian loses her cool on People’s Court

  1. I am for the doctor. We have mass murder and genocide because people have
    to ‘earn’ respect. We are born with it. He is right, she is wrong.

  2. i understand he wanted to be called doctor instead of honey, but the “you
    might wanna watch it your honor” was a little bit too far and over the top
    with such disrespect. the “well where i came from, you are born with
    respect” was a bunch of bullshit and that too was really disrespectful. i
    do believe that the judge was in the right in this video, and he is
    completely in the wrong. 

  3. lol before I even glance at the comments I imagine that there will be lots
    of youtube morons defending this smug asswipe…and sure enough there are!

  4. He’s right in the sense that “doctor” is a title of respect.

    Wanna know another title of respect? JUDGE. He expects to go around acting
    like he’s king dick just because he’s a doctor? Fuck this asshole. Having a
    title that admittedly does take a lot of hard work doesn’t give you the
    right to DIS-respect anyone, let alone people in a position of authority
    like a judge.

    Shame on the people who are defending this prick; anyone who’s seen a
    typical episode of The People’s Court would know that Judge Milian is
    always fair and generally calm and even occasionally manages to inject some
    humor into the proceedings. It’s only when someone acts like a total
    douchebag that she gets angry, and this guy had the most egregious
    disrespect I’ve ever seen on any of these shows.

    And shame on Douglas for letting him leave with his balls still attached.

  5. why is calling a person by their title a form of respect? do people that
    dont own such title deserve no respect? the judge is right, you earn
    respect, not born with it. i can address a person by the title of doctor,
    teacher, honor, majesty etc.. but it is out of politeness, not respect.
    that guy’s behaviour certainly dont deserve any respect.

  6. This is what’s wrong with these feminist who think very little of men. As
    long as the man is bowing down to her, he’s a gentleman in her eye’s. And,
    we have so many male clowns like this comedian, who thinks men who
    demonstrates their male masculinity or demand respect are bullies. He has a
    right to be addressed by his name, just like he’s obligated to respect her.
    But judge Milian, is very disrespectful, she’s always hollering and talking
    about how she control her husband and daughters. She don’t like anyone
    challenging her, so it’s profitable for her being a judge. She’s an idiot. 

  7. calling people honey and then saying, youve got to jerk around is not
    respectful or the proper way a judge should behave. 

  8. Now he needs to go on Judge Judy. It would be interesting to see how that
    would turn out.

  9. I viewed one of these court shows the other day (Hot Bench) where this guy
    called one of the judges “sweetheart” and she immediately went off on him.
    She said it wasn’t that she didn’t like being called sweetheart but not by
    him. This being said, even if this lawyer/Dr./counselor was a total
    jerkwad, the judge should have addressed him appropriately in a so called
    court of law. 

  10. Had Judge Milian been in his doctor’s office (assuming he has one), then
    she would have deferred to him and his conditions. He had no excuse for
    coming into HER courtroom and treating her with such blatant condescension.
    Respect IS earned, not merely through schooling but through attitude.
    Getting a post-graduate degree entitles you to work in a specialized
    field…it does not entitle you to belittle those around you. His poor
    behavior and argumentative attitude will not earn him any respect outside
    of his workplace.

  11. The judge was correct. The doctor was at her courtroom. She wasn’t at his
    doctors office. I address the judge in the courtroom as “judge”. I address
    the doctor as “doctor” when I’m at the hospital. I address a police officer
    as an “officer” when he is on duty. But if I see them(all 3) at the mall I
    may address them by their name(if I know it) or by just sir or madam. 

  12. What I see here was her speaking very unprofessionally, using “Jerking
    around” and calling him “Honey”, He called her out on how she is not a real
    judge, (obviously). It was almost like he was exposing the show for the
    bullshit it really is. He knew the difference, which is why he said, “If
    Douglas touches me, you’re in trouble.” because Douglas isn’t a real
    bailiff official. Bravo on the DR.

  13. omg she didn’t need to shout at him she could have just said “I want you to
    leave until you have a positive change of attitude” and then she becomes
    disrespectful to the man and throws insults at him. for goodness sake if
    you did that in uk then you would probably lose your judgmenship.

  14. I have personally recused a Judge or two in my time for less than that. And
    I am NOT an attorney, quite the other way around. I have disbarred an
    attorney, and then sent his ass to jail for theft of my client funds. I did
    this without a lawyer, and I won because of my study of law was right on
    the nail head. The Judges I recused stepped down from the Bench because I
    simply said ” your reputation proceeds you in the matter before you today
    because your neither fair nor impartial, so your recused on that basis” the
    first Judge didn’t deny my claim and simply got off the bench and then
    left the court room, my mouth piece was shocked as hell, but I was right,
    the Judge was pissed but he knew he could NOT claim other wise.

    God damn it people stand up for your self once in a while, I do, and I
    won’t stop it either so save it for some other fool to be a patsy for those
    who want to abuse your Constitutional rights, and for crying out loud get a
    pocket copy of the U.S. Constitution, you can’t believe how effective it
    can be when you reach for your ID and at the same time pull out your copy
    of the Constitution and be sure the cop see’s it too. Cops have often
    backed down when they know that you know your rights goes far beyond the
    Miranda rights they read to you.

  15. People making this about gender, and saying he did the right thing, I’d
    wanna smack this guy for being an arrogant prick. If he kept his damn mouth
    shout, he’d have gotten the respect he wanted, but he had to force the
    issue because he demanded respect. Fuck him. Judge was in the right. 

  16. She was out of line but so was he. They were both doing things wrong. No
    respect for the individual.

  17. I had a case against someone whom i helped giving that person room and
    board i fed and bought their needed daily items and loaned $1000 and never
    got paid.
    Anyway i decided to take it to peoples court i was winning the case until
    the lowlife person show the judge milian that i was charging her rent and i
    live in housing yet i was acused of sub leasing which was not true i gave
    this individual a temp place and expected me to also feed their stomack.
    The judge milian read that and my case changed because of harrasment.
    Judge milian is unfair and i think these Stupid judges are overpaid and
    they really do not follow the laws as they really should be.
    I decided to leave this place and live my life with excellent people and
    not animals.
    From now on i will never help people imm just going to let them be.
    Judge Milian you are an overpaid judge and that thinks that you are smarter
    than anyone one well your not.
    Im dure you can’t even cook a good meal because everything is done gor you
    just a BRAT!

  18. The judge stepped outside court decorum by addressing the defendant
    as “honey” in obvious condecension. He politely asked to be addressed
    otherwise and she not only didn’t like that but also the calm cool manner
    in which he asked. She lost that exchange and you could tell when she blew
    up at the end

  19. Donna Jackson….are you a judge??? Who the hell are you to say what is and
    is not right?? You must be Amish or stuck in the 1800’s. Still believing
    women are subservient!! Welcome to the 21st century old, old, OLD fashion
    mentality. This dick was deserves to be talked to just the way she talked
    to him!!!! Now go iron your dicks clothes, draw his bath, wash his ball,
    cut up his steak for him….oh hell and chew it for him too! Go wipe his
    ass when it comes out. Fucking moron

  20. “We are all human!” does not justify White GENOCIDE
    “We all bleed red!” does not justify White GENOCIDE

    “Because of history ” does not justify White GENOCIDE

    “For the economy” does not justify White GENOCIDE

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  21. I hope the judge got his house fucked over and his family even more fucked
    over. Saggy piece of shit.

  22. He’s so upset about his wife… Ummm first of all, Family Court is a joke
    and completely corrupt in almost all counties… I wonder how many families
    and children this man has ruled over to destroy? Now he is upset about the
    anxiety of his wife?

  23. It warms my heart that this coward’s(the judge) house was vandalized. He’s
    such a coward that he first tells the poor guy that he’ll be arrested if he
    says anything then proceeds to yell at him and threatens him. Judges are
    always so tough talking and abusive to real men when there are a bunch of
    cops protecting them in their court room. It would be funny to see this
    judge work in an actual job that produces something instead of robbing
    people on a daily basis.
    Fuck this cowardly judge! Sitting there harassing and threatening people
    and abusing his power just like all family court retard worthless cock
    sucking judges. That fucking bitch. If there was a hell, he would burn in
    it. He is the scum of the earth. The worst of the worst criminals.

  24. To the author of this video: According to Google search results, your video
    featuring Watkins sentencing a 62 year old one legged man to jail, was set
    to private for apparently no reason. I did however download a copy of that
    video using a Firefox plugin long before that video was set to private, and
    it is sitting on a separate hard disk. You have until 12/23 to unhide that
    video or my copy will be reuploaded to a different YouTube channel without
    notice, and all recent ownership will be nullified. If you say NO now, you
    pretty much shot yourself in the foot.

  25. In common law jurisdictions, a court of record is a trial court in which a
    court clerk or a court reporter takes down a record of proceedings. That
    written record (and all other evidence) is preserved at least long enough
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    provided by law (for example, in some states, death penalty statutes
    provide that all evidence must be preserved for an extended period of
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    justice court presided over by a Justice of the Peace, many administrative
    tribunals that make initial governmental administrative decisions such as
    government benefit determinations, and the like are not courts of record.

    In many states, statutes provide that the power to fine or imprison lies
    only with courts of record.

    “Of record” and “not of record” are two polar extremes of a spectrum, and
    there is a transition zone between. For example, in proceedings before
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    “on the record” provisions of 5 U.S.C. §§ 554, 556, and 557, while informal
    proceedings or “not on the record” proceedings are governed by § 555.
    However, many proceedings have intermediate character, with some “of
    record” characteristics but not others.

    In some classes of cases, after a determination by an inferior or lower
    tribunal not of record, a party may take a first level appeal to a tribunal
    that is of record. For example, many government administrative agencies
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    The primary function the record is to provide certified copies of the
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  26. That guy better hope that nothing bad happens to the Judge’s house, because
    it sounds like it’s personal now. 

  27. Funny how people here are hating on the judge. This man threatens his
    family and home, I would enraged too. And then talking about hating god?
    Idiots. Wish ill will on my wife of home, I’ll do my best to put you away.
    This man has put himself in this position, and some of you people feel
    sorry for him? Get real and stop with all the religious crap already.

  28. Totally justified. How many of those hating on the judge would do the
    exact same thing if it was their family that had been put in danger by this

  29. This is the problem with our “justice system”. Those that we entrust to
    oversee the process such as cops, judges, prosecutors are nothing more than
    overpowered thugs.

  30. There’s more.. in one hearing, the opinion says, when speaking to a woman
    who was seeking an order of protection against her then-husband in a
    domestic violence case, Watkins blamed the woman for “shooting off your fat
    mouth about what happened,” told her to “Shut up!” and then continued:

    “Shut up! You stupid woman. Can’t even act properly. One more word out of
    you that you aren’t asked a question you’re out of here, and you will be
    found in direct contempt of court and I will fine you appropriately. So,
    shut your mouth.You know I hate it when people are just acting out of sheer
    spite and stupidity.”

    The court also criticized Watkins for failing to make timely rulings,
    failing to comply with court orders to do so and failing to see that his
    staff timely completed required tasks, such as entering protective orders
    into the state’s domestic violence registry.

  31. This guy is a Judge!!! He’s a disgrace not only to the robe but to everyone
    before and after him… What a complete asshole!!!

  32. The time has come for American men to join the Patrick Henry Society. Give
    me liberty, or give me death. Either the state must leave men alone, or
    place them in front of a firing squad for a public execution in broad
    daylight for all to see.

  33. good for the angry judge – he should have bitch slapped that scum bag
    lawyer for finking out his address

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