Court frames charges against Kejriwal in Gadkari defamation case

Court frames charges against Kejriwal in Gadkari defamation case

A Delhi Court on Friday framed charges against AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal in a defamation case filed against him by BJP leader and union minister Nitin Gadkari. For latest breaking news, other top stories log on to: &

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28 thoughts on “Court frames charges against Kejriwal in Gadkari defamation case

  1. mazey ki baat yaha yeh hai ki media ko dekho kaisey masala bana raha hai
    story ko — and arvind ko itni saja ho sakti hai -utni ho sakti hai is
    baat par toh jabardast dhyaan hai but yeh baat kahi bhi nahi ki gadkari ko
    kitni saja hogi agar arvind sahi prove ho gaya toh ??? aur poora india
    jaanta hai ki gadkari is corrupt neta —fir bhi is baat ko toh muh sey
    nikaal hi nahi rahey ! wah rey biased and paid media — tum sab chaaploos
    ho !!! chumchey!!

  2. Today I went into a municipal court for a charge of drinking in
    public/open-container; — right when the hearing started, i politely asked
    the question to the judge: “Are you saying that the trust which you are now
    administrating is the JOSHUA GUTIERREZ trust”? …the judge responded : we
    don’t administer any trusts in municipal, that’s only in criminal court” .
    this charge was disregarded and i was free to go. But there you have it,
    this judge confessed that the criminal court administers the trust, the ALL
    see the video I recorded : JUDGE confirms that “trusts” are administrated
    in criminal court

  3. everything your talking about is part of the elites system apparatus of
    mind control ….its their system ….and you cant use it the way your
    claiming… they own it …they have no authority to own you ….its
    slavery….its against the law to own slaves …your remedy if you chose is
    to use their court system to sue the court the cop and clerk anyone who
    damages you in a state court ….since they have no authority ….you use
    the federal court system…. or don’t comply to their system….. I don’t
    consent to your trail ….you cannot own slaves… forced contracts without
    a meeting of the minds and a mutual agreement is unlawful…I don’t consent
    then walk out….

  4. LOL….and OJ, spent 7 million on his legal defense when he could have
    watched a 1/2 hour video instead ! who,dd ha thunk ? I have some great
    water front building lots in the Florida everglades for cheap 555-1212 call

  5. I have had to have stole 250,000 during my lifespan from our government
    through the black market. That was my remedy. We had a secret contract in
    which they consented.

  6. What does Dodekahedron mean? Thanks risking your life and spreading the
    truth. I got your back!

  7. We are not the names on the birth certificate, we are the administrators,
    because we alone have the highest authority on that trust fund.

    Please help spread this information to all people over the world:
    In the beginning there was you, and the word was with you, and you spoke
    the word into existence and the word became your world.
    You said let there be light, and there was light.
    We are all gods, the separation between True Self and god is by Design. We
    have been mind controlled to believe we are merely servants forced to
    adhere to the cruel and unjust demands imposed on us without question.
    We are all gods, become one with your god, it is your true self, you Must
    Take Back CONTROL over your world and don’t let FEAR control you. Fear is
    only an illusion.
    Help spread this information to everyone all over the world.

    We all have the Right To Know. A Right is Yours To Take.

    Our purpose in this life, is to defeat slavery and create our lifes in
    abundance and self determination.
    This is a spiritual awakening for all of us.
    A slave owner can teach you slavery, but a slave can never teach you
    Don’t just live life, create your life.
    Don’t do as you’re told, do what you think needs to be done in the world.

    Know Yourself, and Teach Others. The name of the Game is SLAVERY.

  8. after reading all these comments its amazing to see how everyone is right
    and wrong at the same time but thinks they’re absolutely right. which is
    the problem with most things.

    first of all as far as the flag, it is a military flag and we are all under
    martial rule and when you go to courts martial it is summary judgement with
    ONE judge. after lincoln declared martial law, after enabling lieber to
    write the code, martial law could be established without telling the PUBLIC
    as well as the war powers act. they also further declared the PUBLIC
    enemies and belligerents of the STATE, trading with the enemy act 1917 as
    well as the emergency banking act in 1933. hence, the PUBLIC is bankrupt
    and depraved, under martial rule, enemies of the state and belligerents.

    any organic constitutionalists out there good luck as that was allowed to
    dissolve sine die and has not truly existed for the PUBLIC for over 150
    years. you are under the CORPORATE charter/constitution of the DISTRICT of
    COLUMBIA dba UNITED STATES. US CITIZEN, 14th amendment citizen, drivers
    license and SSN etc etc etc., trust law operates in this country as it is
    bankrupt and there is NO money. only promissory notes/negotiable
    instruments all property has been held in abeyance (trust) for the
    conquering army (jesuits, sabbateans and bavarian illuminati) until it is
    no longer in a STATE of EMERGENCY and they deem it over.

    as far as the UCC and jesus is concerned you may want to look at the
    jesuits, society of jesus, as they own both, UCC is owned by unadroit and
    they get paid every time commercial forms are used and by the country using
    their copyrighted forms and jesus well that is something you have to look
    at carefully to determine the religious implications of that. but overall
    i think sYGNal Dodekahedron is pretty on point. also for all those other
    statute and codes believers that are quoting their court cases, that is for
    the PUBLIC legal fictions, you may want to look into being private as
    equity acts in personam and learn who you truly are and where there may be
    true remedy for you as equity does not come to the aid of “volunteers” get
    it when you volunteer you are acting as surety for the PERSON

    if you are not all just trolls out there lambasting this information, then
    you better start doing some serious DD as the “matrix” has got you well in
    their grasp. now look that up in Blacks law and see what you come up with

    The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you’re
    inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers,
    carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until
    we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our
    enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be
    unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the
    system, that they will fight to protect it. 

  9. Another misleading title. This is about trusts and trustees. The person
    reading that stuff is really boring. Can’t you put a little life into it? 


  11. In the beginning you made a mistake, saying that we should claim to be the
    trustee in court. We never want to be the trustee. We always want to
    claim our lawful beneficiary status so that we can appoint the court
    administrator to be the trustee and dispose of the matter in the manner
    which is most beneficial to us.

    Otherwise, this is the best presentation of this information I’ve ever
    seen. Great job!

  12. Thank you so much for this I am some what of a newbie to all of this
    yesterday I tried it for my first time trying to reclaim my sovereignty
    back it didn’t work as I had planned because I didn’t fully do my research
    but from the court transcripts the judge hung herself and committed treason
    I will prevail in the long run I just have to study and put my all into
    reclaiming myself and all my god given right human right constitutional
    rights we are gods and goddesses we are divine beings!!!!!! we have to wake
    up and reclaim what has be stolen from us 

  13. I just returned from a hearing that was brought against a James D. SHANKS.
    As soon as the person on the bench was referred to as being James SHANKS as
    the trustee, both he and the court clerk left and the courtroom was now
    closed. They left that docket to the very end? There was no consent to
    leave or anything. They just left and there was no police action taken?

  14. I cannot believe I finally found a new craziest video on YouTube. I’ve
    been looking to top some Alex Jones stuff for YEARS! Thank you!

  15. i watched a video where someone described how Police take advantage of
    citizens not knowing their rights and quite often end up incriminating
    themselves simply by cooperating with police. I live in a city where the
    police love to stop everything that moves weather you are in a vehicle , a
    bike, or simply walking down the street minding your own business. So i
    thought what the hell , i have nothing to lose by applying these simple
    questions to Police when they stop me . So the next time i was stopped i
    just left my home and was stopped by a cop , he rolled down his window and
    said , hi whats your name , i replied ‘ am i being detained ‘ ? he replied
    ‘ no’ i replied ‘ am i free to go ‘ ? he replied ‘ yes ‘ i replied ‘ thank
    you ‘ and walked away , i nearly shit , i couldnt believe i had just
    applied my rights in a polite manner that took less than 15 seconds from
    start to finish and i was under no obligation to answer any questions or
    produce identification. IF the officer had said ‘ yes’ you are being
    detained , i would ask why’ at that point he would have to tell me what
    legal right he has to detain me , if he does not ,i can file a lawsuit for
    unlawful detention.If a cop asks you for identification and you have not
    been arrested you have the right to refuse , by simply asking , am i
    legally obligated to produce my identification at this time ? if the
    response is ‘ yes’ then you ask why’ there is no requirement to produce ID
    unless you are in possession of alcohol and or require a license to sell
    liquor or if you are being detained . If the police simply stop you and
    start asking you questions , it would be in your best interest to politely
    say, ‘ with all due respect officer , i would like to assert my right to
    remain silent ‘ this is not an admission of any guilt , it is a right that
    we have to not incriminate ourselves and we have the right to use it , ‘
    there is no sense in having rights if you dont use them, and the more that
    people stand up for their rights the less we will be subjected to police
    harassment .It definately doesnt hurt to brush up your civil rights when it
    comes to knowing the law it will show that you know the laws and it will
    also help your encounter with police go alot sm,oother as they will know
    that you are aware of how they should conduct themselves and when they
    cross the line of duty . It helps to know the laws and keep the law keepers
    in check so that they dont abuse their power that we the people have given
    them .

  16. Sorry chief. I didn’t sign up to they system that recognises copyright.
    Therefore I’m not subject to it.

    What a load of SHIT.

  17. What bullshit. Good luck attempting to pass this crap off to anyone who can
    do anything for you. Admiralty laws? Please. Beware if you try to use this
    information you may be charged with contempt of court. Claim your body?

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