Boy Charged With Murder (TYT Supreme Court)

“Fernandez, 13, is accused of two heinous crimes: first-degree murder in the 2011 beating death of his 2-year-old half-brother and the sexual abuse of his 5-year-old half-brother. He’s been charged as an adult and is the youngest inmate awaiting trial in Duval County.”

Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian and other members of the TYT Supreme Court weigh in on this case. Should this 13 year-old boy spend life in prison, should he receive juvenile or adult treatment, tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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israel1001000’s webcam video Jan 27, 2011, 01:02 AM

49 thoughts on “Boy Charged With Murder (TYT Supreme Court)

  1. Fucking idiots. Get him therapy and try to help him. He is a fucking kid
    that has known nothing but a fucked up life. WTF!

  2. Coming from a kid who has been sexually abused for 6years (rapist is
    currently facing charges I’m 14) what he did is not okay at all’, two
    wrongs don’t make this right this is fucking bogus….he’s a sexual
    offender rapping someone because you were raped isn’t okay if you think it
    is you are fucked up and should see me for a ass whoopin

  3. This kid definitely should be in jail. If I was him I would have grabbed
    the little brother and run away from whatever shithole they were living in,
    not kill him like he’s just an object

  4. Get him help for a year, lots of help, let him go, he’s 13!!!!!god America
    is the only country in the world where their law is so strict.
    The kid was abused, is it his fault now his head is fucked up, he’s
    13!!!!!!! I don’t think it’s his fault at all, he needs help, not prison,
    he has his whole life ahead of him, if he can’t change, u keep him longer,
    u don’t give up on a 13 year old. 

  5. TyT sucks

  6. +PrayForHumanity “He should be given the death sentence for murder and
    child molestation. No excuses! No exceptions!”

    *THERE’S* that Jesus taught compassion and forgiveness I’ve come to expect
    from christians!

    “His harsh past should not excuse him from murder”

    That’s funny, I thought the bible said “Thou shall not kill” (shortly
    before the biblical god told his minions to kill everyone, of course). It’s
    funny when hypocrites like yourself are at the front of the line to put
    others to death!

  7. This is how serial killers are made think about all the other serial
    killers who had lives like this and turned out to commit horrible

  8. If you kill a 2 year old you should get life! He deserves all of this I
    don’t care how he was raised no excuse!

  9. Why do these idiots have 1.5 million subs? They bitch about stupid shit and
    they are so fucking liberal it makes me want to slap them across the face
    to wake them up.

    I don’t care how bad your life is. you don’t have the right to murder
    someone. This kid should be executed. 

  10. Wow. That “Family” is really fucked up! Grandmother high on cocaine. Mother
    fucked by 24 year old Dad and gave birth at 12. 

  11. Children who have suffered from extreme emotional privation or abuse in
    early life can often suffer from attachment issues such as this. Certain
    case studies, such as those of the Czech twins or Beth (Child of Rage)
    suggest that these children can be helped if given specialized care.
    Children who do not receive specialized ‘after-care’ are likely to never
    recover, such as the child in the case study of ‘Genie.’ If this child is
    sent to a normal young offenders then the likelihood is that he will never
    recover. He needs proper help and support from organisations who are used
    to dealing with case studies such as this and, therefore, putting this
    child into a young offenders without any sort of psychological support
    would be a tragedy. He is the product of his upbringing and it is his
    carers who should be punished for this, not him.

  12. so please the people commenting feeling sorry for him imagine the anger he
    had and how coldhearted it is to kill a BABY ! to smash a BABY’S head and
    beat him until he is unconcious ! I dont feel bad for anyone who would do
    that to a fucking baby and sexually molest children ? what? get him help
    and let him go ? fuck no ! if he didnt kill his own sibling all of these
    opinions would probably be different, but if it were your 2 year old baby
    you would want this kid to die as well. his parents should go to jail with
    him for the simple fact that they left 3 minors in the house ALONE ! i feel
    bad that he has shitty parents but when i picture this kid smashing a
    baby’s head until he was unconcious ? I dont feel ANY sympathy for him AT

  13. This kid sucks, yeah, but that woman at the desk is hot as all fuck. I
    just had to say that.

  14. They should have gotten him the psychological help BEFORE he killed that 2
    year old baby. Now it’s too late and he should be locked the fuck up for an
    eternity or we might be looking at a serial killer in 10 years time. 

  15. I don’t see the point of life sentences provided there is no way to earn or
    lessen your time in jail through rehabilitation. If that is the case here
    it should be execution. Plus the odds of someone that screwed up in the
    head actually recovering from that mental disorder is slim.

    The infrastructure associated with incarceration is expensive. The
    services and products you are required to have in order to treat convicts
    in a humane way are expensive and quite frankly a waste in most cases.
    Most people who are arrested for something as stupid as weed or theft get
    hardened in prison and sent out eventually to do something worse. They are
    then arrested and the process repeats itself over and over. Repeated costs
    for no improvement. The reason why crime is so high in America.

    If people were legitimately wanting rehabilitation you would need prisons
    that are no longer communal. Individual cells and other ways to guarantee
    the safety of the inmates from other inmates. I support the death penalty
    on repeat violent offenders and expect this would solve the problem of
    hopeless inmates. 

  16. Listen, I’m a bleeding heart, but I don’t even know if you can fix a human
    being that’s already gotten that bad.

  17. Listen man, thank you, thank you, I was just recently on my way home from a
    job and was pulled over extracted from my truck at gun point slammed
    against it cuffed so tight it cut off my circulation my truck searched and
    towed away, and I was taken to jail. The cop harassed me and took my wallet
    money phone and pain mess to another lock up so that when I was released I
    had nothing. Why you might ask? Because the sticker on my truck was not
    current and I dared ask why he pulled me over. Any other info you can point
    me to that I may learn would be helpful. God bless you and all those who
    pursue truth. I may never see you here but surely on the other side.

  18. “beat the courts, child support, tickets, no lisense,drug charges, etc”…
    OK first of all you can’t spell. “License.” So if you are *trying* to sound
    smart start there. That said, I think it’s a great public service for you
    to help the black man get out of paying for the kids they fucked up in
    making. Let the kids suffer, you’re great.

    If you spent a little less time *trying* to beat the courts and a little
    more time trying to get a job we’d have less problems.

  19. This man speaks the truth! It’s better to be PRIVATE…not PUBLIC! The
    Brother should realize that he should NOT have a registered Birth
    Certificate. You have to accept for Value that Birth Certificate and send
    the original to The Treasury and a copy to The State and other agencies.

  20. First off, in fighting for ones rights one must know what they are and how
    to exercise them. Driving verses traveling is not the same thing as some
    may believe, The term “Driving” is when you are engaged in commerce such as
    “For Hire” transporting goods and services from one place to another
    receiving payment. Traveling on the other hand is when your going to the
    store, a friends house or leisurely being about (Not engaged in commerce).
    The “Writ of a Freemans Right to Travel” read it, get to know it, Thomas
    Payne is the author of that Writ. There is so much more i can offer here,
    but i wont bore everybody with a lengthy post. There are 27 Amendments to
    the US Constitution, the (14th amendment) is quite enlightening. Are you a
    14th amendment CITIZEN? Look up “Citizen” in Blacks Law 6th Edition, you’ll
    be amazed of its definition.

  21. Done it…know it to be true…for I am the natural living
    man…..protected by common rights. I am not a corporation.

  22. All Facts here good for the nations…….heads up be cautious with the
    U.C.C. and the U.N. has been infiltrated purchased by the Rockefellers in
    exchange through Corporate donation see Law of Quid Pro Quo – Their own
    European Edward Griffin exposed them see his book titled “Fearful Master.
    Council of Foreign relations regulates the UN (check their members list)
    they are connected to the U.S. Democracy A.K.A. Demonocracy …….great
    work though… Peace to the Gods

  23. What about walking backwards in the court room, not acknowledging the gold
    fringed flag, is this the way to do it, it is the way i believe, your
    thoughts, anyone thoughts! I am being charged with possession of a
    dangerous drug, who would of known that medical marijuana was a dangerous

  24. Learning what’s needed seems quite the task. It’s even more complex Due to
    the Constitution. From what I’ve heard, it was Set Up, to begin with, To Be
    violated or amended. That is Why It Replaced the Articles of Confederation,
    which was about we the people’s rights. There’s more than one
    Kinda odd as one of the first things I read about this was the question,
    “Did you yourself sign the Constitution?” And thus Homer Simpson yells,

    Geez, I remember signing that waiver form. The more people who attempt any
    of this will just lead to a reshuffling of codes, imo. Still, gotta start

    Congrats, I didn’t hear a single “um”. 

  25. hi, love the video, you are a true american, I’m in shock as to why, we
    half to go thru this crap, why can’t we all join together and petition the
    courts and set the record straight,

  26. in the case of fighting a ticket. The fact that you have a
    drivers license means you given them the authority over your
    traveling by signing that license… thats a that
    means your already given away your right and have to pay any cant exercise your right in court 

  27. I owe child support for children that I had in my custody. To prove I had
    custody I must pay a middleman to explain my story. My license is currently
    being effected as a result and is causing an avalanche of problems, so to
    say I owe child support for raising children in my care is ludacris. I am a
    person who needs to know how to not let this system hold me down. If there
    is a way to get around child support screwing me over, I want to know the
    ways…and that does not make me a deadbeat…tell my children that
    bullshit and they will laugh in your face. 

  28. I am also on this path with you. It comes highly recommended that you
    research more legal definitions. The queens English in court means an
    entirely different thing as you know. Take blacks law and re read the
    constitution. Find the definitions of each word. Even the commonly used
    small words. There is a swindle going on. I like your removal dodge.
    Remember, if IF you show in court you are presumed to be that legal fiction
    or corporate entity. Remove their presumptions by separating yourself from
    that person. You are not a person, you have a person. You are not a
    human(monster) you are a people. You should file all statements&motions
    prior to your court date. If you show up you are considered juvenile and a
    trustee. Establish not who you are but in what capacity.what title. In
    chess,its more important to know if you are a king queen rook pawn….that
    establishes title who cares if your ed mike or Dave. You raise your hand
    you are admitting you are that person they seek. Jurisdiction established.
    Check out Carl Miller AWESOME!!! Gordon Hall. A sharp man, his view may
    seem askew, but he’s actually using their bs against them. Both are to the
    point,insightful halls a great instructor if you gotta dance with courts.
    Miller doesn’t dance!. Marc Stevens,adventures in legalland, dean Clifford,
    bill t Thornton (the best)
    remember its letting other people do our thinking for us that has put us in
    this position govern your affairs or be governed. Do your own research
    cause no other soul knows your case better. This is a true path. Even if
    someone says that you have no chance or no valid argument. Think for
    yourself. Prove them wrong by finding evidence otherwise. Treat your judges
    with some respect. Remember its not a fraud. They have YOUR permission to
    jail you, fine you, and control you. If you don’t know your rights, you
    dont have any rights. And you only deserve the ones that you are willing to
    defend or exercise.

  29. Ahki can you please contact me in regards to this removal process. I really
    need to fix this issue

  30. How did you get your name changed? video topic? I would love to do this
    very thing.

  31. What is interesting to me is the derogatory comments some of you are
    leaving. If you don’t agree or believe what is being presented in the
    video, then be a mature adult and disprove it and post. If you cant…keep
    your hands away from your keyboard. Your derogatory comments shows your
    ignorance and immaturity. Oh and for the record…All that’s going on in
    our court systems is happening to people of ALL colors and both sexes 

  32. I’m 30 years old and never payed one single driving citation or ticket I
    have no registration in my vehicle ,tags or insurance common law protects
    your right to travel . A driver licenses is a contract and u void ur rights
    . Learn your rights people dig deep into your laws stop letting the
    government dictate your rights and laws . 

  33. This stuff does not work in court. Try this in court and they are going to
    tell you that it holds no merit in court. I am telling you this from my
    personal experience. 

  34. I wish you would run for president (FoReal) You are a straight uP,
    No-Nonsense Friend; that has truly help me (more than you realize)

    For several years now, i have felt that my soul has been lost; My will to
    fight has been lost. I have believed that I fought my last fight, when I
    gave up years ago.

    You help me see that there is still a fight worth fighting for & that is
    the truth! 

  35. Thank you for sharing very informative!! Do you have an email so that I
    may ask you a question regarding your video?

  36. You said MANY things of importance – not least of which was when you turned
    your attention for a moment to your CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH. You said
    that your name “USED TO BE . . . ” but that ON THE CERTIFICATE OF LIVE
    BIRTH it is that which you are referred to today. My question is this –
    usually the Certificate of Live Birth/Live Born Record shows your GIVEN
    name as your mother stated it at the time of being “informant”. Having said
    that – did YOU request a certified copy of that document and WRITE YOUR OWN
    changes as to the “name” according to I AM – the living man, as you are
    referred to at the present time? Please write back on this and be as clear
    as possible. ALSO – this video was posted in 2011 – do you have some more
    current experiences that you have spoken on since that time? Your time and
    insights are greatly appreciated . . .

  37. If you go to jail and you do not sign any paperwork , they will send you to
    the back just like if you were to sign the waiver. What if they don’t let
    you out in three days, how do you get the special appearance paper to let
    them know you are not going to that jurisdiction. And when they call your
    government name on a speaker inside your dorm how do you go about answering
    to the name. Will that give them jurisdiction.

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